The Revival | Chicago, IL

This was a multi-phase restoration of historic church windows as part of church-to-condo adaptive reuse project in Chicago. As a result of our conservation solution, Landmarks Illinois approved this as an adaptive re-use project. This involved retaining original broken glass by gluing it with an archival epoxy, as well as adapting the windows to fit changes to the original openings.

** Photos courtesy of Regency Development Group

First Presbyterian Church | Champaign IL

For this project, we restored sanctuary stained glass windows and wood framing to historic standards. Our communication with the client, the board of architects and the wood restoration team ensured a successful, on-time, and on-budget project. The restoration of all sanctuary windows was completed in three phases over a period of 12 months.

Williamsville Meeting House | Williamsville NY

For this project, we completely restored eight historic stained glass windows according to federal historic preservation guidelines. By planning in advance with the client, we were able to complete the project in 5 weeks. This included removal and re-installation of the windows in New York. This far exceeded the client’s expected April-to-August timeline, allowing them to save time and money and to have the restored windows in place for events scheduled at the meeting house. For this project, our conservation approach applied the practice of retaining prior repairs to show the preserved history of the windows.

** Photos courtesy of Derek Gee from the Buffalo News

Former Sanders Bakery Building | Detroit, MI

This project required us to fabricate panels designed to simulate Luxfer Prism industrial windows for an historic hotel facade. We selected a reeded glass to maintain the historical appearance of Luxfer Prism tiles. Through transparent communication and a collaborative effort, we were able to use the project architect’s templates to create windows that fit the arched opening seamlessly.

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